A Mother Explains Watching Her Child Hurt….

……well…..there aren’t any words to describe it…….


BUT, there is Someone who understands and can help…..My Lifeline…..

You are my lifeline
You are my rescue
Strength in my weakness
Light in my darkness
You are my safety
Lifter of my head
The air that I need when
I can’t seem to breathe in

You are my lifeline
You are my lifeline

You’re there in my brokenness
And my distress
My rock when I’m strong or when I’m powerless
You hold me in rushing tides when waters rise

Mandisa’s song “Lifeline” spoke to me this past week as the reason’s for Korie’s pain and distress eluded the doctors and as overwhelming feelings seem to be drowning us.  Our Father was there, giving us strength and endurance…..for it certainly didn’t come from us.  If you are feeling overwhelmed….if you are feeling  your circumstances are out of control and you are drowning in them….you can know that there is a Lifeline out there.  Your Savior is your Lifeline!


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