The Shovel

photo 5Ohio in the winter. Granted, some are mild. But occasionally, a really cold, frigid winter will settle in. 1978 was the “year of the blizzard”. But there were other winters with lots of snow. When you live in a state with snow, you have several things that you may not have if you live in a southern state. A good pair of waterproof boots, an awesome window scraper and a good snow shovel!

When my parents passed away, there were some things that I brought back to Virginia with me. Some of them are displayed every day. Some I only use occasionally. Some things I have forgotten I had.

We have had snow this year in Virginia! More than usual! My poor husband had to be the one who decided if our school was opening today due to a winter storm that we had yesterday. He decided the school would open today with a 2 hour delay. But he got up very early this morning to go and start shoveling snow, scraping ice and pouring salt where precious kids and teachers would be walking.

Tonight, he was telling me about it and he mentioned that he had my dad’s snow shovel and was using it at the school. He said it made him think of my dad the whole time he was using it. As Korie says, “it made my eye water” as he was telling me about it. I can picture my dad out scraping a path down the driveway to the cars. Dad, taking care of his family before they venture out into the cold. And now, Steve, taking care of the families showing up at school today.

Lots of memories come back when I look at that shovel. Pictures of my father holding it in his gloved hands, seeing his breath come out from under the scarf around his neck and stomping the snow off his boots before he came back in the house. It was an unexpected but pleasant memory…all because of a shovel.

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