It doesn’t take much….

IMG_1237You know how sometimes it just “wouldn’t take much” for you to “blow your stack” or start a “crying jag”? Or there is the opposite way of looking at it….it wouldn’t take much to make someone smile or make their day a great one. This comes to play a lot in my life. My emotions tend to go up and down at times…yes, I know…you may not know that about me. I can look very “together” in public. But talk to my family…

Anyway, besides the up and downs of my emotions…I have someone in my family that keeps me in “check” or makes me feel ashamed that I am so wishy washy sometimes! Her name is KORIE! She can be the happiest kid. A smile or a hug or just someone spending time talking with her a bit can make her day! As she has gotten older, she does show her disappointments a little more…sometimes with words and sometimes…well, a mom can tell by the look on their child’s face. Sometimes, I see her frustrations of the limitations in her life. When she was younger, she may not have understood or at times, I could distract her and the moment that could have made her sad would pass.

Well, we wanted to do a little “walking” on Memorial Day. Steve, Korie and I headed to the Noland Trail because we saw there was a section of handicap trails. We ate a picnic and started down the trail and it led to a beautiful overlook of Lake Maury and Korie was in love! She loved walking under the trees, down a real trail and seeing the beauty of nature. We have really worked at instilling a love of nature in her. She was so happy! The other trails that she could walk were in the sun and she doesn’t handle heat very well so we thought we would try out one of the trails near the bridge that you can see from the road….but, she didn’t get far before a railing in the trail stopped her from going any further. She could see the bridge down the trail but couldn’t get to it. I could tell she was disappointed. She was quiet going back to the van.

Steve wasn’t feeling well and needed to go back home. I was tired but after finding the Sandy Bottom Nature Park map on my iPhone, I decided we would drop Steve off and go try Sandy Bottom. I stopped at the Nature Center before we set off and the lady at the desk

Enjoying Sandy Bottom Nature Park

Enjoying Sandy Bottom Nature Park

confirmed that we could probably make it all the way around Crystal Lake, which was about a mile. So Korie and I set off!

The trail was in the middle of the trees and close to the lake. She could see the paddle boats, bugs, neighbors (who happened to be camping there), flowers, birds….it was a beautiful trail and a wonderful afternoon. We stopped and enjoyed the scenes, took silly pictures and serious ones and there was lots of laughter!



When we finished the mile, we sat and watched the people fishing and enjoyed the lake and the ducks and my sweet daughter thanked me for bringing her to the park and finding a trail she could “walk” with me. The look on her face made the extra effort of finding another place to try out well worth my time. I had made her day and….”it didn’t take much”. Korie didn’t want expensive clothes, a nice dinner, a trip or money. She just wanted a day out in nature with her parent’s attention.

It doesn’t take much to lift someone’s spirits. It doesn’t take much to say hello to the woman who has a hard time making friends and just wants to be noticed. It doesn’t take much to say “I love you” out loud to family…even if it doesn’t come natural and is hard for you to say….it’s not really…it’s just words, but they can mean everything. It doesn’t take much to take time out of your day to say “Thank you” to the Lord for the blessings He has given you…they are everywhere…just breath a “thank you” His way. He needs to hear it. He wants to hear it. He loves you.

Yes, life can be hard. There are good and bad days….but remember…to someone out there…it doesn’t take much.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I love you, Donna.

  2. What a wonderful post and so true. And what a wonderful mother and friend you are to your daughter.

    Your friend in Atlanta

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