Yesterday, I had a two year old and was told I was expecting again.
Yesterday, I found out Korie would have spina bifida.
Yesterday, her life was in question and we wondered if she would make it.
Yesterday, she went to school for the first time.
Yesterday, she grew up…how did I not see that coming?
Yesterday, she graduated from high school. Wow.

Today, she put on a uniform.
Today, I drove her to Goodwill.
Today, I kissed her goodbye and walked out the door.
Today, I couldn’t quite leave yet so I went to Roses next door to shop.
Today, I took a breath and went home.
Today, Korie started working.
first day of work

Yesterdays….so many of them.
Today….here for a moment.
Tomorrow….new adventures.

Life…rich and beautiful.

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