It’s the Simple Things

little-girl-smelling-rose-10409662Life can be complicated. It can be really busy. So busy that you forget to stop and “smell the roses” as the saying goes. As we all do, I get very busy…so much to do…time gets away from me.

What would I like to do that I don’t get done? Well, I love writing. I need to take more time to do it. It may not be the best or most imaginative but it is so therapeutic for me. I get into genealogy. I have thousands of names in my FamilyTree Maker. And I love finding more!! I could spend HOURS researching. I long to read. I used to read for hours. Now, I am lucky to snatch a few minutes here and there.

I do like my “alone” time. I have to be a bit more imaginative now with Korie out of school. I need that time to just breathe! But I am finding another way to “connect” with myself and to God, too.

I look for the joys of life. They ALL come from Him. I quote this verse to Korie a lot…”every good gift comes from the Father.” And “gifts” don’t always come wrapped up in pretty packages. Sometimes you have to really look for them. But they are there.

I find gifts in many things…in the visitor at church last Sunday, for example. She was from Hastings, England, and she loved our music and we had the sweetest fellowship together. We felt like friends even though we had just met. Today, I had the gift of jalapeƱo scones from a friend. I read to Korie earlier and her laughter and bright eyes delighted my soul.

I find joy in the more simple things, too. Like the sunset, listening to music with Korie as I cook, a new friendship that is building, the Goldfinches that come to our feeders, a recipe that came out yummy, 10 minutes sitting on our patio and taking deep breaths…oh! and it is August and the humidity is lower than normal and the days have been just beautiful!sunset-venicela_980x551

All I have to do is stop and take a look…and something is always there. God is that way. He delights in giving to us. Even more, He loves it when we notice and we are grateful. I am going to keep seeking the blessings He has created for me..even on the days that are hard. Those are the times I need it most.

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