What Can Happen In A Second?


One second. So short. But much can happen. For me, these things happened in a second.

I accepted Christ and my destiny changed to heaven!
My world changed as a teenager when I was told my dad had cancer.
I became Mrs. Stephen Fletcher.
During a routine ultra sound the technician got a look in her eye and I knew…
The word “Spina Bifida” entered my world.
I found out I was losing a parent.
I met a friend who would always be in my life.
A family moved away and I knew things would change.

We all have seconds that alter our course of life. Or sometimes just our day. Things that can make us sad or lift us up.

You overhear someone say your name and it isn’t in a good way.
You miss the plane or the bus.
You almost made the stoplight!
Your car breaks down.
You twist an ankle.
You get a phone call.
The boss wants to talk to you.
Your teenager has to tell you something.

sun through clouds
The sun comes out after a storm.
A stranger pays for your coffee.
Someone smiles at you.
Your child tells you they love you.
A first date.
You find money in your pocket!

A second can make a difference in a life. We need to thank God for all the seconds He gives us. We need to be ready for the seconds that will change the course of our lives..or just our day. So much can happen in a second.

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  1. Glyna Spillman says:

    A wonderful perspective of life. Thank you.

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