“I Will”

O wrote this on March 17, 2010
So, yesterday, Steve and I had to stand in a courthouse and raise our hands and solemnly swear that we would look after the best interests of and always take care of our own daughter! Wow. The irony of that just….got to me. When the time came for me to answer, I wanted soooo badly to say, “I’ve done that for 18 years already, why would I stop now??” But I refrained and said “I will.”
┬áThat whole experience kind of made me sad. I know Korie has serious medical conditions that come up and there are many decisions have to be made that impact her life. I know it is best that we make those decisions and not Korie herself, who may not understand, or a medical professional who doesn’t know her whole story. But shouldn’t the parents who have raised her from an infant and have all these experiences be considered the “experts” and not have to go through these hoops they have in place? Yes, I know some kids are alone, or have bad parents, there are so many sad situations. And because of those things and because sin is in this world and has messed everything up, children have to be protected. But it still really bothered me that we had to go through this process. It was costly, long, complicated and stressful. I am however, thankful that it went smoothly, thanks to a WONDERFUL lawyer and friends, and it was not contested and that it is behind us.
┬áBut, I will forever remember that I had to stand in a courthouse and swear to take care of my own child. And I wonder what this world has come to. And I look forward to the day everything is made right. Not only, will all people be protected and loved as they should, but all will be whole and healthy. What a day that will be! Come, Lord Jesus! Until then….”I WILL!”
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