Repost of what I wrote about dad on the First Father’s Day without him (20 years ago)


I did not know him then…
That little boy of five
As he stood at a grave and wondered
Why his dad was not alive

12 Judson's Funeral - Kenny on Thelma's knee, Grandma Hattie Richardson holding Carol JeanI did not know him then…
His life changed that way so.
Did he feel confused or afraid?
Did he feel all alone?

I did not know him then..
As he lived above the store.
As he played with friends but helped his mom
Did he wish for more?



I did not know him then…
All those summers in Tennessee
As he rode horseback in the fields
Healthy and tan as could be.

I did not know him14 School Pic - 1953 Peebles, OH then…
A school boy in the city
As he cheered for a team that played close
The Reds in Cincinnati


I did not know that older boy
His uncle would take in
As he played with cousins he would love
And keep memories that would never end.



I did not know that teenager
When a stepfather he did gain.
The troubles that would follow,
Would bad memories always remain?

I did not know that high school boy
Who walked long to practice ball
Who showed his talents he possessed
The first “no hitter” baseball displayed in the hall.

012 Wedding 01


I did not know the man
Who dated his future wife.
Who decided to marry her
And change their way of life.

I did not know him then.
I only knew my dad
Sometimes he made me happy
Sometimes he made me sad


But all the things he lived
Made him what he would come to be…
A man of character and love
That’s what was known to me.

Your daughter, Donna

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