Repost of a writing at the first Father’s Day without dad.


What is heaven like dad?
Did angels take you there?
Did you just appear, quick as a wink
Or did you climb a golden stair?

Did you go straight to God
Or did Jesus take you to the throne?
Did family escort you
Or did you see Him all alone?

Do you walk yet on streets of gold?
Do you have a home so fair?
Can you already wear a robe?
Or are you a spirit with no clothes to wear?

Do you sing praises to God
In a voice sweeter than you’ve ever heard?
Do you learn ever day
more and more about God’s Word?

Have you talked to Abraham or Moses?
Has Grandma given you a turn with Paul?
Have you seen the disciples
Have you talked to them all?

Or are you still with Jesus,
Spending your time with Him?
The One you loved and served
And shared with other men?

Can you look upon us dad?
Can you watch us from above?
Do you wonder how we are?
Do you still feel all our love?

Heaven must be wonderful
But there’s so much we don’t know.
If we could see your happiness
Would it be easier to let you go?

We know you are well
With no more pain
But the best part is
That we will see you again.

So wait for us, dad.
Someday we will be there, too.
But, oh, how we wonder what it’s like
And how much we all miss you!

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