Memories That Remind Me of Dad


Consistent, baseball, Tennessee, Cutting his own hair, GIGO, vacations, Rom. 8:28, potatoes, Sunday School, family devotions, storytelling, Sunday afternoon naps, Bible, cut-off pants, deacon, basketball, youth group, glasses, spitting out the window, Washington D.C, coach, Bible Conferences, generosity, camping, U-Turns, grandkids, Cincinnati, stomachaches, Big Bear Stores, boats, high fives, Reds, billfold, Old Spice, 5:30, water skiing, prayer, Buckeye games, old-time preachers, computers, visitation, softball, Ohio State Fair, museums, newspaper, walks, Hymn Stories, apple pie, ping pong, discipline, relatives, late night boxing matches, church, honesty, good sportsmanship, “You call it, I’ll cool it”, patriotism, supper time, training union, parades, itching, opinionated, skipping toenails, pork chops, ice, quiet, radio sports shows, driving at night on trips, amusement rides, directions, Ponderosa, missionary letters, mush, hot chocolate, cats, fish sandwiches, Murfield, the zoo, boat motor, cornbread and milk,Southside, coconuts, Wendys, The Waltons, mail truck driver, the Lone Ranger, Mammoth Caves, Daniel Boone Country, trying not to laugh, rides home after softball games, old radio programs, Niagra Falls, “The Three Bears”, Richmond, Lil’l Black Sambo, The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, history, doing the bills, The Little Engine That Could, March 25, cream soda, flowers, Lake Erie, studying his SS lessons, shaving, Juicy Fruit Gum, pink candy, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, milkshakes, penny horse rides, peaches, ice cream, suits, sitting on a bus kid, make fudge, Peebles, Ohio, Memorial Day, expectations, long-winded, athletic, benefit of the doubt, drinking from natural streams, Carter Caves, Geauga Lake, campers, Lookout Mountain, brushing teeth with warm water, ticklish neck, toothpicks, thankful, statistics, carpet cleaning, phones, late nights, teaching, growing tomatoes, crochet, frosted root beers, money clip, wood stove, hating pizza small, film reels, hardens, white lawn mower, keys jingling, family.

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