How I Got My Name

This question makes me laugh. My mother was a character. When I was young and would ask how she and dad picked my name, she would always tell the same story. I thought it was the truth for so long.

First, you have to understand that, as children, my mom and her sister, would take all their kids to different places to pass the summer days. One of the places we would go….was to Greenlawn Cemetery. Yes! To play! This is a very large cemetery. Mom and Aunt Bobbi’s father is buried here. The cemetery was green and well-kept and it had a section with a pond. It was an area where there was room to play. So we would actually take food for a picnic and we would spread out a blanket and eat with my cousins at the cemetery!! Afterwards, we would feed the ducks in the pond, and play tag and other games in the clearing near the water. Near by-were nice, but very old, mausoleums-kind of surrounding the water. We would explore them and try to peek in with the hopes to see coffins or anything interesting! I didn’t realize how strange this was!

So, when my mother told me that she and dad saw the name “Donna” on a tombstone and the name “Lynn” on another one, I had no reason to question her! I thought it was strange and it wasn’t a story I would share with my friends, but I believed that my name came off of a tombstone. It was a little secret I carried in my heart. lol I didn’t realize my mother must have smiled to herself each time I asked.

I think I was a teenager when I was talking to dad and he began to tell me that to pick my name, he and mom wrote all the girl names that they liked on a piece of paper. Then they exchanged papers and marked off any that they did not like. They did this until there were two names left. Donna and Lynn. This became my name.

I honestly don’t remember if I went to my mother about this or not! It is just funny to me that what I DO remember is…that I wasn’t surprised at all. I was used to mother’s antics.

So that is how I got my name!!

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