How This Blog Got It’s Name

I have been blogging for a few years but not often. I hope to do it more.  Steve and I have been talking for a few months about a new site and thinking about names that we could get along with a domain site name.  I really wanted my name in it and we tried several ways, along with my middle name but domains were not available or whatnot.

One day, we needed Korie’s hair washed but didn’t really have the time for a full bath. I asked Steve to hold her from the platform back over the bath as I washed her hair.  It is quite an ordeal but we did it and Korie’s arms were around Steve’s neck. He looked down at her and asked “are you doing okay?”  She lovingly held a little tighter and said….”Since I have YOU!”.  Steve looked at me and said…”there’s the name of your blog!”

I plan on using the word “you” in many ways. Since I have You (God), and since I have you (Korie or other family members), etc.  I humbly realize that not everyone is interested in my daily life but I hope to be a help to someone…somewhere…sometime.  And that will make me blessed because I am blessed…SINCE I HAVE YOU!!

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